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Fielding Dawson 1987 Wanted For Attempted Manhood

Fielding Dawson’s work is known for its stream-of-consciousness style and free use of grammar and dialogue. Dawson studied poetry under Charles Olson during his time at the college. In the decades following, he joined the Beat scene in New York, where he wrote 22 books of short stories, memoirs, and a history of the college entitled “Black Mountain Days.” Dawson’s form in the broadside “Wanted For Attempted Manhood” exudes his distinguished language and style.

Fielding Dawson, “Wanted For Attempted Manhood,” 1987. Collection of BMCM+AC. Cropped and edited for clarity

Robert De Niro Sr., father of actor Robert De Niro, was a student of Josef Albers and an abstract expressionist painter. After his time at the college studying under Albers, he went on to have a long career painting in New York City among like-minded artists. While in certain circles he is more well known for his role as father to the famous actor, his legacy as an artist left a lasting impact on the abstract expressionist movement.⁠

Josef Albers and student Robert De Niro, ca. 1939-1940. Western Regional Archives Digital Collection, State Archives of NC.⁠

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